How to Create Light Beams with your DJ Lights?

When my DJ lights are in motion, I have noticed that once the light shines, the beams do not continue until it hits an object.

So how do I get my lights to look from this:

to this?

See how in the second video, the beams are more prominent, more color traveling from one point to the next.

Answer: I need a fog machine.

Fog machines are not only to give a smoky, foggy atmospheric look. It's not only for setting the mood. Fog machines in the DJ Lighting world are used to create more effects on the lights. The colored beams won't disappear but remain as long as there is fog.

Once the fog machine is powered, wait for about 5-10 minutes for it to warm up. Use the attached remote and press the button to activate the fog.

Don't press more than 2 seconds. Otherwise be prepared for a really smoky room. If you have sensitive smoke alarms, it could make it go off.

Every 10-15 minutes, press the remote button for more smoke effect.