Which SHURE Microphone is right for me?

The SHURE catalog is leaps and bounds from the standard audio gear and can be
intimidating to approach, but that's why we're here!

For those seeking quality performance gear, SHURE has a match for just about any setting from personal living quarters to massive stadiums. 

Beginning with the SHURE PG58, it's a relatively fresh entry in the SHURE catalog as well as an excellent entry-level microphone for users looking for an easy-to-use microphone. It is the cornerstone of plug and play functionality and uses a Cardioid pick-up pattern for best sound in the front and minimal pick-up from the rear. You can find the PG58 model as part of the BLX288/PG58 Combo System.

Next is the Legendary SHURE SM58 model. It is a timeless professional staple in the audio industry and is known for its signature mesh head. The SM is an acronym that means "Studio Microphone" but don't let that limit what this can do. It's been used by Rock stars, Presidents, Comedians and several other major stages. It is designed to perfectly recreate every tone with crisp clarity and warmth. Like the PG58, its Cardioid pick-up gives all the attention to the front of the mic but with a tighter range while also turning out any sound coming from the back of the microphone. You can find this legendary microphone as part of the BLX288/SM58, GLXD24/SM58, and SLXD24D/SM58 systems.

The SHURE Beta 58 is another great classic microphone when the voice is the only thing that matters. Easily identified by the signature blue ringed mesh, it features a Supercardioid pick-up pattern, making it focus entirely on what's directly in front of the microphone while almost completely tuning out the back. This pattern prioritizes whoever is speaking/singing directly into the microphone to boost vocal clarity above all other sound elements. Perfect for studio and live stage settings. The Beta 58 can be found in the BLX288/B58, SLXD24D/B58, and GLXD24/B58 systems.

Finally, the refined SHURE Beta 87A which follows in the Beta 58's footsteps, but recreates vocal audio perfectly. The Supercardioid pattern paired with its focus on upper midrange makes it the user's best friend and the ideal partner for your midrange. This microphone is designed to make your voice shine without overpowering the rest of the audio. Perfect for live band settings or live stage performances and creates a resonance like no other. The SHURE Beta 87A is featured in the GLXD24/B87A, the NEW SLXD24/B87A (Now Available!) and QLXD24/B87A systems.

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