VocoPro UDH-Dual-H Hybrid Wireless Microphone System

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Frequency: H1: 902.2-905.8 MHz
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Great Budget Mics for Schools, Churches, Performances, and Events
  • Includes 2 Bodyback Transmitters with 2 Headset mics and 2 Lapel mics.
  • All-in-one wireless Mic-On-IC™ has a pre-amp, compressor, and expander onboard.
  • Uses proven analog UHF transmission technology for better range and reliability.
  • Plug and Play design requires no microphone syncing set-up.
  • Comes with either 2 handheld microphones(UDH-DUAL-H) or 2 bodypacks with headset mics(UDH-DUAL-B).
  • Quickly scale up to 4 microphone channels by attaching an additional UDH receiver with no tools required.

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