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Looking for a stellar DJ setup, or an incredible karaoke system?  Are you concerned about the costs associated with your dream HD media player, DJ equipment or powered amplifier?

Well you’re in luck because at Mega DJ & Karaoke Center, we offer comprehensive financing options so that you can start enjoying your equipment now, and worry about paying later!  Our attractive financing solutions put the karaoke system you’ve been longing for right at your fingertips.

Curious about financing?  Here are some commonly asked questions, and the answers to them.

Q:        What is financing?

A:        Think of financing as a loan.  If a big purchase is being made, the customer has the option of financing the product that they are interested in.  Financing means that the lender will pay the retailer (in this case, Mega DJ & Karaoke) the full balance owing, and the customer will then be responsible for making monthly payments to the lender until the balance is paid off.  Lenders often charge an interest rate on top of the amount owed, which is their fee for providing the service.

Q:        I have bad credit, can I still get financing?

A:        It depends on a few factors, mostly your annual income, steady employment, expenses and yes, your credit score.  All of these factors are taken into consideration when assessing the risks associated with extending credit.  If you have a lot of bad credit still remaining on your history, it might be an idea to secure a consolidation loan, so you can make a low monthly payment to pay off all of the debt and improve your credit score.

Q:        Who do you finance with?

A:        Our financing services are provided by the American branch of GE Money

Q:        I just got my tax return and I want to pay off the rest of my balance, can I do that?

A:        Of course!  Contact the lender for additional information on how to pay down your owing balance faster.

Q:        What are my payment options for my fee schedule?

A:        You can make payments by credit, debit or direct withdrawal from a bank account.  You may also opt to make payments bi-weekly as opposed to monthly.

Q:        I love my new equipment, but I would like to add to my collection, can I request an increase of my current credit?

A:        Of course!  If you’ve been making your regular payments on time, the financing company will assess how much additional credit can be extended.  Call us for more information about increasing your existing credit limit.

Still have questions?  Call us at 1-800-535-4232.  Want to get started?  Call us or come on by for a credit application.


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