American Audio ELS-PA10 150 Watts PA System with Bluetooth

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American Audio ELS-PA10 là một hệ thống âm thanh di động bao gồm hai loa 10" cầm tay, một mixer 6 kênh, một micro và hai dây loa 16".Phù hợp với những buổi biển diễn nhỏ, picnic ngoài trời, diễn văn trước công chúng và nhiều hơn thế nữa. 


The American Audio ELS-PA10 is a portable active amplified sound system including two 10" portable speakers, a powered six-channel mixer, a dynamic microphone and two 16' speaker cables. It is ideal for small performances, public speaking and more.


Features : 

• Includes two 10" portable speakers, powered 6-channel mixer, dynamic mic plus cabling

• 6 button function with blue LCD on rear panel

• Monitor RCA output

• 3-band EQ, EFX sound, pan and level on each channel

• Built-in stereo power amplifier with dynamic distortion processor

• 4x XLR mic combo jacks

• 2x TRS stereo channels with RCA 3.5mm stereo input

• Bluetooth connectivity

• Digital reverb effect

• USB or SD/MMC port to connect a flash disk containing music or a MP3 Player

• Effects send on every channel with stereo return

• Effects parameter adjustment allows you to customize each effect selection

• Speaker system with 1" compression drivers and 10" woofers

• Speakers have rear latches storage compartment for microphone, cables and accessories

• Integrated 36mm pole mount socket with stabilizing securing screw

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