APi A-801 600W Professional Karaoke AV Mixing Amplifier

Sale price$ 395.00


This API A-801 Professional AV Karaoke Mixing Amplifier offers enough flexibility to make it perfect for a wide variety of applications. Its powerful 300W + 300W capabilities means that the A-801 can easily drive 2 pairs of speakers at once powerful enough for just about any party or restaurant. If you're a home enthusiast and require crisp clean sound, this amplifier will provide you with quality sound.

Designed in Japan, the API A-801 uses quality parts throughout to ensure that you'll always get top-notch performance. Oversized heat sinks keep the amp cool even when driving heavy loads, eliminating the need external cooling fans and guaranteeing silent operation.


  • Professional Digital Echo with Separate Stereo/Mono Hi / Low / Repeat and Delay Controls
  • Music with Master/ Depth/ Balance/ Hi/ Mid/ Low Controls
  • 4 Mic (2 Front / 2 Back) Inputs with 1 & 2 Mic Individual Volume / Balance / Hi / Mid /Low Echo On/Off Switches
  • Digital Key Control
  • 2 sets of Audio /Video Inputs / 1 Video Output Jacks
  • Sub-woofer / Line / Rec. Outputs
  • Disco & Hall Mode
  • Manual / Auto Volume Reset
  • Full Function Remote Control
  • Rack Mount Kits Included
  • Cooling Fan
  • Excellent Add-on to any Karaoke System


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