Better Music Builder EX-8 8-Channel Professional DJ / KJ Audio Mixer

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Better Music Builder the EX-8 Professional Audio Mixer, perfect for the audio enthusiast and home entertainment experts.
With 8-Channel the EX Series mixer brings studio quality equipment to your living room. Now multiple audio sources including your home entertainment system can be controlled all in one station. This professional audio mixer has echo effects that can be controlled independently to each channel, effectively making selection possible when multiple microphones are connected. Apart from the standard audio inputs the EX-8 Multi-Effect Mixer has a selectable USB, FM/Radio, and bluetooth integrated into the mixer, making it an essential tool for any party or event.
The EX-8 Mixers have phantom powered microphone inputs. This is a unique feature that is used whenever you want the best recreation of you vocal audio from the system. When using a phantom powered microphone, you will need to activate the phantom power button in order to operate properly.
Adding to the above features the mixer also provides auxiliary outputs and returns in order to connect an audio effects processor, from there each channel can be set to provide the effects given. This makes it possible to provide audio effects to one microphone while another plays unprocessed/effected audio.


  • 8-Channel; fully adjustable
  • Phantom Power (P48) for condenser microphones
  • Echo Effects controls: Delay, Repeat
  • Bluetooth Enabled to connect to smart phone
  • Integrated FM Radio with auto-scan feature
  • USB interface for recording and playing digital music file
  • Channels 1 to 4 Mono Microphone Plugs
  • Channels 5 to 8 Stereo Audio Inputs
  • Left & Right Master control faders
  • Gain Control for each channel
  • 7 Band equalizer to Main Out
  • Headphone Jack with independent volume control
  • Effects Send to audio processor
  • Aux Return from audio processor
  • Mute Switches allow each channel to be muted
  • Audio Balance on each channel, perfect for a theatrical effect when using instruments
  • Low Cut switch restricts lower frequencies from the selected channels
  • Trim Control to set the appropriate “gain” to each channel


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