Chartbuster CB-90173 Gloria Estefan

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Rhythm Is Gonna Get You1-Rhythm Is Gonna Get You-Gloria Estefan
12-1-2-3-Gloria Estefan
Bad Boys3-Bad Boys-Gloria Estefan
Anything For You4-Anything For You-Gloria Estefan
Conga5-Conga-Gloria Estefan
Coming Out Of The Dark6-Coming Out Of The Dark-Gloria Estefan
Cuts Both Ways7-Cuts Both Ways-Gloria Estefan
Don't Wanna Lose You8-Don't Wanna Lose You-Gloria Estefan
Get On Your Feet9-Get On Your Feet-Gloria Estefan
Words Get In The Way10-Words Get In The Way-Gloria Estefan
Everlasting Love11-Everlasting Love-Gloria Estefan
Live For Loving You12-Live For Loving You-Gloria Estefan
Here We Are13-Here We Are-Gloria Estefan
Can't Stay Away From You14-Can't Stay Away From You-Gloria Estefan
Sex In The 90s15-Sex In The 90s-Gloria Estefan

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