Chartbuster CB-40219 Male Pop December 2001

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Cry1-Cry-Michael Jackson w/Vocal
The Distance2-The Distance-Evan & Jaron w/Vocal
Flavor Of The Weak3-Flavor Of The Weak-American Hi-Fi w/Vocal
U Got It Bad4-U Got It Bad-Usher w/Vocal
Dig In5-Dig In-Lenny Kravitz w/Vocal
What If6-What If-Babyface w/Vocal
Cry7-Cry-Michael Jackson
The Distance8-The Distance-Evan & Jaron
Flavor Of The Weak9-Flavor Of The Weak-American Hi-Fi
U Got It Bad10-U Got It Bad-Usher
Dig In11-Dig In-Lenny Kravitz
What If12-What If-Babyface

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