Chartbuster CB-85002 Karaoke Superstars Pack Pop Divas 2

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Goodbye Earl1-Goodbye Earl-Dixie Chicks
Cowboy Take Me Away2-Cowboy Take Me Away-Dixie Chicks
Sin Wagon3-Sin Wagon-Dixie Chicks
Without You4-Without You-Dixie Chicks
Hello Mr. Heartache5-Hello Mr. Heartache-Dixie Chicks
Let Him Fly6-Let Him Fly-Dixie Chicks
Love Ain't Like That1-Love Ain't Like That-Faith Hill
This Kiss2-This Kiss-Faith Hill
Let Me Let Go3-Let Me Let Go-Faith Hill
Just To Hear You Say That You Love Me4-Just To Hear You Say That You Love Me-Faith Hill & Tim McGraw
Let's Go To Vegas5-Let's Go To Vegas-Faith Hill
It Matters To Me6-It Matters To Me-Faith Hill
Let's Make Love1-Let's Make Love-Faith Hill & Tim McGraw
The Way You Love Me2-The Way You Love Me-Faith Hill
It Will Be Me3-It Will Be Me-Faith Hill
I Got My Baby4-I Got My Baby-Faith Hill
If I'm Not In Love5-If I'm Not In Love-Faith Hill
Bringing Out The Elvis6-Bringing Out The Elvis-Faith Hill
Blue1-Blue-LeAnn Rimes
One Way Ticket2-One Way Ticket-LeAnn Rimes
The Light In Your Eyes3-The Light In Your Eyes-LeAnn Rimes
Cowboy's Sweetheart4-Cowboy's Sweetheart-LeAnn Rimes
Unchained Melody5-Unchained Melody-LeAnn Rimes
You Light Up My Life6-You Light Up My Life-LeAnn Rimes
Wrong Again1-Wrong Again-Martina McBride
Happy Girl2-Happy Girl-Martina McBride
Independence Day3-Independence Day-Martina McBride
Valentine4-Valentine-Martina McBride
A Broken Wing5-A Broken Wing-Martina McBride
Whatever You Say6-Whatever You Say-Martina McBride
We're So Good Together1-We're So Good Together-Reba McEntire
Where You End And I Begin2-Where You End And I Begin-Reba McEntire
I'll Be3-I'll Be-Reba McEntire
Roses4-Roses-Reba McEntire
Back Before The War5-Back Before The War-Reba McEntire
We're All Alone6-We're All Alone-Reba McEntire
If You're Not In It For Love1-If You're Not In It For Love-Shania Twain
Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under2-Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under-Shania Twain
The Woman In Me3-The Woman In Me-Shania Twain
You Win My Love4-You Win My Love-Shania Twain
Any Man Of Mine5-Any Man Of Mine-Shania Twain
No One Needs To Know6-No One Needs To Know-Shania Twain
I Can Love You Better1-I Can Love You Better-Dixie Chicks
Let 'er Rip2-Let 'er Rip-Dixie Chicks
There's Your Trouble3-There's Your Trouble-Dixie Chicks
Tonight The Heartache's On Me4-Tonight The Heartache's On Me-Dixie Chicks
Wide Open Spaces5-Wide Open Spaces-Dixie Chicks
You Were Mine6-You Were Mine-Dixie Chicks

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