Chartbuster CB-85004 Karaoke Superstars Pack Boy Bands

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If You Want To Be Good Girl1-If You Want To Be Good Girl-The Backstreet Boys
As Long As You Love Me2-As Long As You Love Me-The Backstreet Boys
I'll Never Break Your Heart3-I'll Never Break Your Heart-The Backstreet Boys
Everybody (Backstreet's Back)4-Everybody (Backstreet's Back)-The Backstreet Boys
Quit Playing Games With My Heart5-Quit Playing Games With My Heart-The Backstreet Boys
Darlin'6-Darlin'-The Backstreet Boys
Larger Than Life1-Larger Than Life-The Backstreet Boys
All I Have To Give2-All I Have To Give-The Backstreet Boys
I Want It That Way3-I Want It That Way-The Backstreet Boys
Hey Mr. DJ4-Hey Mr. DJ-The Backstreet Boys
Get Down5-Get Down-The Backstreet Boys
We've Got It Goin' On6-We've Got It Goin' On-The Backstreet Boys
On Bended Knee1-On Bended Knee-Boyz II Men
Motown/Philly2-Motown/Philly-Boyz II Men
End Of The Road3-End Of The Road-Boyz II Men
It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday4-It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday-Boyz II Men
Water Runs Dry5-Water Runs Dry-Boyz II Men
A Song For Mama6-A Song For Mama-Boyz II Men
Thank You1-Thank You-Boyz II Men
I'll Make Love To You2-I'll Make Love To You-Boyz II Men
4 Seasons Of Lonliness3-4 Seasons Of Lonliness-Boyz II Men
I Will Get There4-I Will Get There-Boyz II Men
The Still Of The Night5-The Still Of The Night-Boyz II Men
Vibin'6-Vibin'-Boyz II Men
I Want You Back1-I Want You Back-N'Sync
Tearin' Up My Heart3-Tearin' Up My Heart-N'Sync
Everything I Own4-Everything I Own-N'Sync
Here We Go5-Here We Go-N'Sync
For The Girl Who Has Everything6-For The Girl Who Has Everything-N'Sync
God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You1-God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You-N'Sync
Music On My Heart2-Music On My Heart-N'Sync & Gloria Estefan
Crazy For You3-Crazy For You-N'Sync
I Need Love4-I Need Love-N'Sync
I Drive Myself Crazy5-I Drive Myself Crazy-N'Sync
I Just Wanna Be With You6-I Just Wanna Be With You-N'Sync
Because Of You1-Because Of You-98 Degrees
Invisible Man2-Invisible Man-98 Degrees
The Hardest Thing3-The Hardest Thing-98 Degrees
This Gift4-This Gift-98 Degrees
I Do (Cherish You)5-I Do (Cherish You)-98 Degrees
True To Your Heart6-True To Your Heart-98 Degrees & Stevie Wonder
Anytime1-Anytime-Brian McKnight
Crazy Love2-Crazy Love-Brian McKnight
One Last Cry3-One Last Cry-Brian McKnight
6 8 124-6 8 12-Brian McKnight
Love Is5-Love Is-Brian McKnight
Back At One6-Back At One-Brian McKnight

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