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I Need To Know1-I Need To Know-Marc Anthony
Give Me Back My Fantasy2-Give Me Back My Fantasy-Marc Anthony
How Could I3-How Could I-Marc Anthony
When I Dream At Night4-When I Dream At Night-Marc Anthony
My Baby You5-My Baby You-Marc Anthony
You Sang To Me6-You Sang To Me-Marc Anthony
Have You Ever1-Have You Ever-Brandy
Angel In Disguise2-Angel In Disguise-Brandy
The Boy Is Mine3-The Boy Is Mine-Brandy & Monica
Top Of The World4-Top Of The World-Brandy & Mase
Sitting Up In My Room5-Sitting Up In My Room-Brandy
I Believe I Can Fly1-I Believe I Can Fly-R. Kelly
Gotham City2-Gotham City-R. Kelly
If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time3-If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time-R. Kelly
Bump 'N Grind4-Bump 'N Grind-R. Kelly
Down Low5-Down Low-R. Kelly
You Remind Me Of Something6-You Remind Me Of Something-R. Kelly
Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You1-Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You-Lauryn Hill
Ex2-Ex-Factor-Lauryn Hill
Doo Wop3-Doo Wop-Lauyrn Hill
Lost Ones4-Lost Ones-Lauryn Hill
To Zion5-To Zion-Lauryn Hill
Killing Me Softly6-Killing Me Softly-The Fugees & Lauryn Hill
I Believe1-I Believe-The Blessid Union Of Souls
I Wanna Be There2-I Wanna Be There-The Blessid Union Of Souls
Let Me Be The One3-Let Me Be The One-The Blessid Union Of Souls
Light In Your Eyes4-Light In Your Eyes-The Blessid Union Of Souls
Hey Leonardo5-Hey Leonardo-The Blessid Union Of Souls
All Along6-All Along-The Blessid Union Of Souls
Real Love1-Real Love-Mary J. Blige
Not Gonna Cry2-Not Gonna Cry-Mary J. Blige
Love Is All We Need3-Love Is All We Need-Mary J. Blige
Everything4-Everything-Mary J. Blige
Deep Inside5-Deep Inside-Mary J. Blige
All That I Can Say6-All That I Can Say-Mary J. Blige
Ain't Too Proud To Beg1-Ain't Too Proud To Beg-TLC
What About Your Friends2-What About Your Friends-TLC
Baby Baby Baby3-Baby Baby Baby-TLC
Red Light Special5-Red Light Special-TLC
I Try1-I Try-Macy Gray
Still2-Still-Macy Gray
Why Didn't You Call Me3-Why Didn't You Call Me-Macy Gray
I Can't Wait To Meetchu4-I Can't Wait To Meetchu-Macy Gray
Do Something5-Do Something-Macy Gray
The Letter6-The Letter-Macy Gray

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