Holiday Package #03: ImPro PMA-6808HD + Stands + BMB Speakers (Pair) + VocoPro Microphone System

BMB Speakers: BMB CSV-480
VocoPro Microphones: VocoPro UHF-3205
Sale price$ 1,800.00



ImPro PMA-6808HD 600W Mixing Amplifier

Speaker Stands 

BMB Karaoke Speakers (Pair) of your Choice! 

- BMB CSV-480

- BMB CSV-450

- BMB CSE-310

VocoPro Microphone System of your Choice! 

- VocoPro UHF-3205

- VocoPro UHF-3200

- VocoPro UDH-Dual-H

- VocoPro VHF-3300

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