House Party Plus Pack #2: ImPro Amp, BetterMusicBuilder Speakers, Stands, VocoPro Mics & BIC Subwoofer

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VocoPro Microphones: VHF-3300
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Ready to take your house parties to the next level? The House Party Plus Pack #2 is your ideal solution! This comprehensive package is specially curated for maximum fun and optimum sound quality, turning any gathering into an unforgettable experience.

At the heart of this pack is the powerful ImPro PMA-1200 Mixing Amplifier, which provides an impressive 1200 watts of power. It offers a variety of connectivity options, from digital optical input for your Smart TV to extensive Bluetooth capabilities. Connect any smart device to stream music and get your party started!

Paired with this impressive amplifier are the Better Music Builder CS-612 G5 Vocal Speakers. These high-performance speakers, boasting dynamic audio computer simulation design technology, produce precise clarity and strong reliability, ensuring your karaoke tunes sound nothing short of amazing.

The BIC America H-100II Cinema Series Powered Subwoofer completes your sound system, filling the room with deep, clean bass that enhances every song and adds an exciting edge to your home theater sound.

Now, the cherry on top: your choice of VocoPro wireless microphones. Opt for the VHF-3300 Dual Wireless Rechargeable Mic System for fully rechargeable microphones that will keep your party going without the hassle of constantly replacing batteries. Or, choose the UHF-3205 Rechargeable Dual-Channel UHF Wireless Microphone System for less crowded, interference-free UHF frequency band operation. Each system comes with its own volume control for individual vocal balancing, and the microphones are rechargeable from the receiver stand, keeping them ready for your next performance.

With the House Party Plus Pack, every gathering becomes a thrilling event. From the booming bass to the clear, precise vocals, your guests won't just remember your party - they'll be talking about it long after it's over.


  • Streamlined Connectivity: The package comes with an ImPro PMA-1200 Mixing Amplifier, which offers digital optical input for easy Smart TV connection and robust Bluetooth capabilities. Enjoy the flexibility of streaming music from any smart device, perfect for creating a dynamic party playlist.
  • Impressive Sound Quality: Benefit from the precise clarity and robust reliability of the Better Music Builder CS-612 G5 Vocal Speakers. Using dynamic audio computer simulation design technology, these speakers deliver exceptional sound quality for a party-worthy karaoke experience.
  • Enhanced Bass: The BIC America H-100II Cinema Series Powered Subwoofer adds a deep, clean bass that significantly enhances music or movie audio. Transform your living room into a dynamic home theater and get your guests moving to the rhythm.
  • Wireless Convenience: Choose between the VHF-3300 or the UHF-3205 VocoPro wireless microphone systems. Both provide wireless freedom, rechargeability, and individual volume controls for precise vocal balancing. Say goodbye to cable clutter and hello to seamless performances.
  • Rechargeable Microphones: Forget the constant need for battery replacements. Both VocoPro microphone systems feature rechargeable mics, which can be easily recharged by placing them in the terminal on top of the receiver. Enjoy uninterrupted karaoke sessions at your house party.

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