House Party Plus Pack #4: ImPro Amp, BetterMusicBuilder Speakers, Stands, VM-52U G5 Mics & BIC Subwoofer

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When it comes to house parties, nothing beats the right mix of power, clarity, and convenience. Our House Party Plus Pack #4 delivers all this and more, offering a tailored karaoke system designed to bring the house down!

At the center of this pack, the ImPro PMA-1200 Mixing Amplifier offers a staggering 1200 watts of power. It comes with a digital optical input for Smart TV connection and the freedom of Bluetooth streaming from any smart device. You'll be the party maestro, in control of the beats that keep your party rocking.

Your party deserves the best audio, and that's exactly what the Better Music Builder CS-612 G5 Vocal Speakers bring to the table. These advanced speakers generate a resonating, high-quality sound that captivates your guests and brings your favorite tracks to life.

To amp up your sound experience, we've included the BIC America H-100II Cinema Series Powered Subwoofer. This bass powerhouse adds depth and intensity to your audio, creating an immersive soundscape that will keep your guests on their feet.

But what's a party without some singing? The Better Music Builder VM-52U G5 Wireless Microphone Dual Set takes your karaoke game to new heights. These microphones use UHF dual-channel technology, providing crystal clear sound over an impressive range. The set comes with real-time battery indicators and an innovative design for better grip and feel. Best of all, the Auto-Mute Mode activates upon impact, ensuring no unwanted noises disrupt your performance.

With House Party Plus Pack #4, you're not just throwing a party. You're creating a house party legend, filled with powerful beats, clear vocals, and most importantly, unforgettable memories.


  • Multi-Faceted Connectivity: The ImPro PMA-1200 Mixing Amplifier in this package allows for various connection methods. Directly link it to your Smart TV or stream music via Bluetooth from any smart device, bringing endless entertainment to your house party.
  • Dynamic Sound Output: Experience immersive sound with the Better Music Builder CS-612 G5 Vocal Speakers, designed to deliver a detailed and robust audio performance. Coupled with the BIC America H-100II Cinema Series Powered Subwoofer, enjoy intense bass depth that enriches your favorite tracks.
  • Advanced Wireless Microphones: The Better Music Builder VM-52U G5 Wireless Microphone Dual Set leverages UHF dual-channel technology for clear and resonant sound. With real-time battery indicators, you'll always be ready to perform.
  • Innovative Microphone Design: The Better Music Builder VM-52U G5 microphones feature an innovative design for improved grip and feel, elevating your karaoke experience. The Auto-Mute Mode activates upon impact, ensuring that your performance is free from unwanted noise.
  • Extended Microphone Battery Life: The VM-52U G5 wireless microphones come with long battery life, ensuring your performance goes on without interruption. The real-time battery indicators keep you informed of your microphone's power status, so the show can always go on.

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