ImPro PMA-9800 1600W Mixing Amplifier Bundle with ImPro UHF-77 Wireless Microphones

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ImPro UHF-77 Color: Gold
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Unleash the full potential of your audio experiences with the ultimate pairing of ImPro's cutting-edge technology: the UHF-77 Wireless Microphones and the PMA-9800 Mixing Amplifier. This dynamic duo is designed to deliver unparalleled sound quality and flexibility, ensuring that your voice and music shine in any setting.

Wave goodbye to the hassle of wires with the ImPro UHF-77. These wireless microphones offer the freedom to move and the confidence to engage your audience without ever worrying about tripping over cables or being confined to one spot. The robust battery life and impressive range mean you can focus on your performance, not on staying close to the receiver.

Complementing the UHF-77's mobility is the PMA-9800 Mixing Amplifier, a powerhouse of sound that transforms any space into a professional audio realm. Whether it's the subtle nuances of a solo performance or the vibrant energy of a group sing-along, the PMA-9800 amplifies every moment with its exceptional power and clarity.

Together, the UHF-77 and PMA-9800 are more than just a microphone and amplifier; they are a testament to ImPro's legacy in audio excellence. This bundle is not just about delivering sound-it's about creating unforgettable moments, whether it's in a cozy living room karaoke session, a spirited board meeting, or a full-blown concert hall performance.

Step into the spotlight with confidence and let your voice be heard with the clarity and power it deserves. With the ImPro UHF-77 and PMA-9800 bundle, every performance is a step towards audio perfection.


  1. Seamless Integration and Mobility: The ImPro UHF-77 Wireless Microphones and PMA-9800 Mixing Amplifier bundle offers a perfect symphony of movement and sound. With no cables required, performers enjoy the freedom of up to 80 feet of wireless range, ensuring impeccable sound delivery across any venue. The microphones' selectable frequencies from the UHF 500 MHz range promise a stable connection with the PMA-9800, which effortlessly blends the wireless inputs into a rich, resonant output.

  2. Extended Performance Durability: With the UHF-77's 6-hour battery life and the PMA-9800's robust construction, this bundle is built for endurance. Performances, presentations, or services can go on without the worry of power interruptions, thanks to the reliable rechargeable batteries and a design that’s crafted for frequent use. The included charger ensures that your microphones are always ready for the next show.

  3. Exceptional Sound Clarity and Power: The PMA-9800 Mixing Amplifier, with its formidable 1600W output, pairs seamlessly with the crystal-clear sound of the UHF-77 microphones. This combination ensures that every word and note is amplified with clarity and depth, whether whisper-quiet or at peak volume, reducing distortion and elevating your audio experience.

  4. Advanced Audio Control: Fine-tune your sound with sophisticated equalizer systems and intelligent echo control, allowing for precise adjustments to bass, midrange, and treble frequencies. The PMA-9800's built-in digital echo feature enhances vocal performances with professional-sounding reverb, while individual volume controls on the microphones enable balanced sound staging.

  5. Versatile Connectivity and User Experience: The PMA-9800 offers a variety of connection options including Bluetooth for wireless streaming, and four microphone inputs for multi-performer sessions. Designed with the user in mind, the PMA-9800 features an intuitive interface with a clear display, while the UHF-77 microphones come in two distinct colors, black or gold, to match your style or set the mood for your event.

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Thanks so much

Fun karaoke nights

I got the bundle with the mics. Makes me sound like a pro lol

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