JBL PRX-718XLF 18'' Self-Powered Extended Low Frequency Subwoofer System

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Subwoofer JBL PRX718XLF được thiết kế hoàn hảo nhằm tăng cường thêm tiếng bass cho dàn âm thanh của bạn. Tiếng nhạc sẽ hay hơn và mạnh hơn nếu được thêm vào subwoofer JBL PRX718XLF. JBL PRX718XLF chuyên dùng trong những hội trường lớn, club, quán bar, hay trên những sân khấu ca nhạc. Nó đáp ứng tối đa nhu cầu về biểu diễn ca nhạc. Subwoofer nhẹ, dễ sử dụng cũng như lắp đặt. 


JBL PRX718XLF 18 Inch Self-Powered Extended Low Frequency Subwoofer SystemThe PRX718XLF extended low frequency subwoofer was designed and engineered to provide sub bass frequencies with accuracy and power. Used as a single sub in a sub/sat system or in multiples as part of a scalable, large format sound reinforcement system, the PRX718XLF performs with exceptional efficiency and control. The subs are stackable and light-weight ensuring quick set-ups and tear-downs. And due to their rugged construction are perfect for AV rental inventories. With a pole receptacle (that accepts a SS4-BK or SS4-BK24) on the top panel and integrated stereo pass-thru this is the most powerful low-frequency complement to the PRX full-range systems. The addition of a polarity reverse option further enables system optimization.


  • 134 dB peak SPL
  • 18" Differential Drive low-frequency driver for low-distortion and higher SPL
  • Efficient Class-D amplifier technology
  • DSP Input limiter circuit, crossover, dynamic limiting, component optimization, selectable system EQ
  • Integrated stereo pass-thru, with selectable HP filter, and polarity reverse
  • 2 x XLR-1/4" combination inputs, with 2 x XLR loop-thru
  • Pole receptacle accepts a SS4-BK or SS4-BK24 on the top panel
  • Multiple handles with comfort rubber grips for easy transport
  • Lightweight poplar plywood cabinets made structurally sound with tongue and groove joints and protected by JBL’s tour proven DuraFlex finish.
  • Cloth backed, dent-resistant 16 gauge steel grilles


  • System type: Self-powered 18" bass reflex
  • Max SPL Output: 134 dB
  • Frequency Range (-10 dB): 30 Hz - 103 Hz
  • Frequency response: 35 Hz - 87 Hz
  • Amplifier Design: Class D


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