Karaokanta KAR-4298 Al Estilo de Boy Bands I

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Everybody (backstreet's Back)1- Everybody (backstreet's Back)- The Backstreet Boys
Swear It Again2- Swear It Again- Westlife
Bye, Bye, Bye3- Bye, Bye, Bye- N'sync
Penny & Me4- Penny & Me- Hanson
I'll Never Break Your Heart5- I'll Never Break Your Heart- The Backstreet Boys
More Than Words6- More Than Words- Westlife
I Want You Back7- I Want You Back- N'sync
Quit Playing Games (with My Heart)8- Quit Playing Games (with My Heart)- The Backstreet Boys
If I Let You Go9- If I Let You Go- Westlife
As Long As You Love Me10- As Long As You Love Me- The Backstreet Boys
Tearin' Up My Heart11- Tearin' Up My Heart- N'sync
My Love12- My Love- Westlife
Nunca Te Hare Lorar13- Nunca Te Hare Lorar- The Backstreet Boys

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