Legends Series LG-019 Smash Hits Vol. 3

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Stand By Me1- Stand By Me- Oasis
Don't Go Away2- Don't Go Away- Oasis
Be Here Now3- Be Here Now- Oasis
Magic Pie4- Magic Pie- Oasis
It's Gettin' Better5- It's Gettin' Better- Oasis
Parklife6- Parklife- Blur
Baker Street7- Baker Street- Gerry Rafferty
Twisting By The Pool8- Twisting By The Pool- Dire Straits
Smells Like Teen Spirit9- Smells Like Teen Spirit- Nirvana
Honey10- Honey- Mariah Carey
Bat Out Of Hell11- Bat Out Of Hell- Meat Loaf
Brown Girl In The Ring12- Brown Girl In The Ring- Boney M
Girl Of My Best Friend13- Girl Of My Best Friend- Elvis Presley
Destiny14- Destiny- Lionel Richie
Don't Marry Her Have Me15- Don't Marry Her Have Me- Beautiful South
Song For Whoever16- Song For Whoever- Beautiful South

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