Legends Series LG-038 The Kinks

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You Really Got Me1- You Really Got Me- The Kinks
Lola2- Lola- The Kinks
All Day & All Of The Night3- All Day & All Of The Night- The Kinks
Tired Of Waiting For You4- Tired Of Waiting For You- The Kinks
See My Friend5- See My Friend- The Kinks
A Well Respected Man6- A Well Respected Man- The Kinks
Set Me Free7- Set Me Free- The Kinks
Waterloo Sunset8- Waterloo Sunset- The Kinks
Autumn Almanac9- Autumn Almanac- The Kinks
Ape Man10- Ape Man- The Kinks
Don't Forget To Dance11- Don't Forget To Dance- The Kinks
Supersonic Rocket Ship12- Supersonic Rocket Ship- The Kinks
Dead End Street13- Dead End Street- The Kinks
Come Dancing14- Come Dancing- The Kinks
Sunny Afternoon15- Sunny Afternoon- The Kinks
Deicated Follower Of Fashion16- Deicated Follower Of Fashion- The Kinks
Days17- Days- The Kinks

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