Legends Series LG-196 Kelly Clarkson & Jessica Simpson

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A Moment In Time1- A Moment In Time- Kelly Clarkson
Breakaway2- Breakaway- Kelly Clarkson
Miss Independent3- Miss Independent- Kelly Clarkson
The Trouble With Love4- The Trouble With Love- Kelly Clarkson
Low5- Low- Kelly Clarkson
Some Kind Of Miracle6- Some Kind Of Miracle- Kelly Clarkson
Beautiful Disaster7- Beautiful Disaster- Kelly Clarkson
Before Your Love8- Before Your Love- Kelly Clarkson
Stuff Like That9- Stuff Like That- Kelly Clarkson
I Wanna Love You Forever10- I Wanna Love You Forever- Jessica Simpson
I Think I'm In Love With You11- I Think I'm In Love With You- Jessica Simpson
Irresistable12- Irresistable- Jessica Simpson
Sweetest Sin13- Sweetest Sin- Jessica Simpson
With You14- With You- Jessica Simpson
Where You Are15- Where You Are- Jessica Simpson
Angels16- Angels- Jessica Simpson
Take My Breath Away17- Take My Breath Away- Jessica Simpson

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