Pocket Songs RPT-511 Stage Stars: Dreamgirls (CD Only, No Graphics)

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  1. Move (You're Stepping on My Heart)
  2. Fake Your Way to the Top
  3. Cadillac Car
  4. Cadillac Car (On the Road / Recording Studio)
  5. Cadillac Car (A la 'Pat Boone')
  6. Steppin' to the Bad Side
  7. I Want You Baby
  8. Family
  9. Dreamgirls
  10. Heavy
  11. It's All Over
  12. And I Am Telling I'm Not Going
  13. I Am Changing
  14. When I First Saw You
  15. Ain't No Party
  16. I Meant You No Harm
  17. The Rap
  18. I Miss You Old Friend
  19. One Night Only
  20. One Night Only (Disco Version)
  21. Hard to Say Goodbye, My Love

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