Pop Hits PHMC-R01 Pop Hits Monthly Male Rock Vol. 1

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Kryptonite1- Kryptonite- 3 Doors Down
Hemmorhage2- Hemmorhage- Fuel
Pink3- Pink- Aerosmith
Name4- Name- Goo Goo Dolls
Hanging By A Moment5- Hanging By A Moment- Lifehouse
Follow You Down6- Follow You Down- The Gin Blossoms
Drive7- Drive- Incubus
The Freshman8- The Freshman- The Verve Pipe
Only God Knows Why9- Only God Knows Why- Kid Rock
Whenever You Will Go10- Whenever You Will Go- The Calling
Counting Blue Cars11- Counting Blue Cars- Dishwalla
Champagne Supernova12- Champagne Supernova- Oasis
What I Got13- What I Got- Sublime
Time Of Your Life14- Time Of Your Life- Green Day
Closing Time15- Closing Time- Semisonic

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