RSQ HD-787 CD+G, DVD, VCD, NEO+G Karaoke Player

Options: RSQ HD-787
Sale price$ 159.00


 No HARDRIVE Installed!!


- Access songs through the on-screen selection with Keypad & Remote

- Compatible with CD+G, DVD, VCD, and NEO+G

- Reserve up to 99 songs for auto playback

- Glow In the Dark Keyboard Remote Control & Front Panel Keypad

- 13 Step Digital Key Control to adjust to your singing key

- 13 Step Tempo Control to adjust singing speed

- Multiple Language Interface (English, Chinese, Vietnamese)

- 1 Full functioning remote controller

- Dual Monitors capability


Bundles will Include 1 NEO+G Pack

Pack 1: Song List

Pack 2: Song List

Pack 3: Song List

Pack 4: Song List

Pack 5: Song List

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