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Mambo No.51- Mambo No.5- Lou Bega
Bills, Bills, Bills2- Bills, Bills, Bills- Destiny's Child
Beautiful Stranger3- Beautiful Stranger- Madonna
Don't Be Stupid4- Don't Be Stupid- Shania Twain
I Knew I Loved You5- I Knew I Loved You- Savage Garden
She's All I Ever Had6- She's All I Ever Had- Ricky Martin
Nothing Really Matters7- Nothing Really Matters- Madonna
Angles8- Angles- Robbie Williams
Animal Song9- Animal Song- Savage Garden
Doesn't Really Matter10- Doesn't Really Matter- Janet Jackson
I Learned From The Best11- I Learned From The Best- Whitney Houston
That's The Way It Is12- That's The Way It Is- Celine Dion
Strong Enough13- Strong Enough- Cher
Smooth14- Smooth- Santana & Rob Thomas

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