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I Need To Know1- I Need To Know- Marc Anthony
Bug A Boo2- Bug A Boo- Destiny's Child
Thank God I Found You3- Thank God I Found You- Mariah Carey
Try Again4- Try Again- Aaliyah
Thong Song5- Thong Song- Sisqo
The One6- The One- The Backstreet Boys
Brand New Day7- Brand New Day- Sting
When She Loved Me8- When She Loved Me- Sarah Mclachlan
Steal My Sunshine9- Steal My Sunshine- Len
Waiting For Tonight10- Waiting For Tonight- Jennifer Lopez
That Don't Impress Me Much11- That Don't Impress Me Much- Shania Twain
I Wanna Know12- I Wanna Know- Joe
Everything You Want13- Everything You Want- Vertical Horizon
Bad Touch14- Bad Touch- The Bloodhound Gang

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