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Loverboy1- Loverboy- Mariah Carey & Cameo
You Rock My World2- You Rock My World- Michael Jackson
I'm Real3- I'm Real- Jennifer Lopez
Walk On4- Walk On- U2
Pop5- Pop- N'sync
Ain't It Funny6- Ain't It Funny- Jennifer Lopez
There You'll Be7- There You'll Be- Faith Hill
All For You8- All For You- Janet Jackson
Survivor9- Survivor- Destiny's Child
Nobody Want To Be Lonely10- Nobody Want To Be Lonely- Christina Aguilera & Ricky Martin
What It Feels Like For A Girl11- What It Feels Like For A Girl- Madonna
Crazy12- Crazy- K-ci & Jojo
Can't Fight The Moonlight13- Can't Fight The Moonlight- Leann Rimes
This Is Where I Came In14- This Is Where I Came In- The Bee Gees

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