Sound Choice SC-2181R Wedding Music Vol 4

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The Lord's Prayer1- The Lord's Prayer- Gospel
The Wedding Song2- The Wedding Song- Wedding Songs
Avemaria3- Avemaria- Bach
Canonind4- Canonind- Pachelbel
Oh Promise Me5- Oh Promise Me- Gospel
Bridal Chorus (instrumental)6- Bridal Chorus (instrumental)- Wagner
Wedding March7- Wedding March- Wedding Songs
Trumpet Voluntary8- Trumpet Voluntary- Jeremiah Clarke
The Lord's Prayer9- The Lord's Prayer- Gospel W/vocal
The Wedding Song10- The Wedding Song- Wedding Songs W/vocal
Avemaria11- Avemaria- Bach W/vocal
Canonind12- Canonind- Pachelbel W/vocal
Oh Promise Me13- Oh Promise Me- Gospel W/vocal
Bridal Chorus (instrumental)14- Bridal Chorus (instrumental)- Wagner W/vocal
Wedding March15- Wedding March- Wedding Songs W/vocal
Trumpet Voluntary16- Trumpet Voluntary- Jeremiah Clarke W/vocal

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