VocoPro SV-408 8" 3-Way 150W Vocal Speakers (PAIR)

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Với những góp ý từ người tiêu dùng, VocoPro đã cho ra đời dòng sản phẩm loa mới đáp ứng tối đa nhu cầu ca hát cho người dùng. Loa VocoPro SV-408 được kết hợp với woofer 8-inch hỗ trợ cho tiếng bass, tweeter 1-inch giúp tiếng vocal thêm rõ nét, trung thực hơn. Với cấu tạo và những tính năng tuyệt vời, SV-408 chắc chắn sẽ mang lên cho quí khách một không gian âm thanh thật sống động và trung thực.

We asked our customers for feedback on the shortcomings of the karaoke hardware industry, and we were told that a major issue was the absence of quality karaoke speakers designed specifically for vocals. We were told most Hi-Fi and P.A. speakers were either too bottom heavy, lacking in midrange, or too hyperactive with excessive treble response leading to annoying feedback. To resolve this problem, we proudly designed and introduced the SV Series Vocal Speakers! If you are a vocalist using standard speakers, try these out and see what's been missing from your sound.



  • 8" Coated Woofer with High Temperature Voice Coil
  • Four 3" Cone Mid/High Drivers for Enhanced Fidelity
  • 1" Top-Mounted Tweeter for Crisp Vocal Reproduction
  • PTC Protection Circuitry Protects Against Blown Tweeters
  • Max Power Output:150W Peak (100W RMS)
  • Impedance:8 Ohm
  • Sensitivity:91dB
  • Freq.Response:20Hz-25Khz
  • 17.5" (W) x 11" (D) x 12.25" (H)
  • 25 lbs each
  • 27.5" (L) x 21.5" (W) x 16" (H)
  • 58 lbs
  • "Banana" speaker connector / Bare wire screw connectors

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