House Party Plus Pack #3: ImPro Amp, BetterMusicBuilder Speakers, Stands, ImPro Mics & BIC Subwoofer

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ImPro Microphones: UHF-77
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The life of any party is in its music, and with our House Party Plus Pack, you'll be hosting events that resonate in the hearts and minds of your guests! This comprehensive package offers top-notch sound quality and the freedom of wireless technology, so you can rock the house!

At the heart of the package is the impressive ImPro PMA-1200 Mixing Amplifier. With 1200 watts of power and multiple connectivity options, it ensures your party never runs out of rhythm. Connect it directly to your Smart TV or any smart device via Bluetooth, and keep the beats rolling.

Providing the soul of sound are the Better Music Builder CS-612 G5 Vocal Speakers. They deliver a powerful, clear, and reliable audio performance that will get your guests grooving. This sound experience is further enhanced by the BIC America H-100II Cinema Series Powered Subwoofer, adding depth and intensity to your favorite tracks.

Now, for the fun part: the wireless microphones. Choose between the ImPro UHF-77, the UHF-88MXR, or the UHF-88II wireless systems. The UHF-77 offers 80 feet of wireless freedom with selectable frequencies in the UHF 500 MHz range. The UHF-88MXR adds Bluetooth compatibility and a built-in echo feature to the mix.

And if you want a built-in vocal enhancer for on-the-fly treble and bass adjustments, the UHF-88II is your ideal choice. This system has a rechargeable receiver, and the microphones operate with AA batteries, ensuring uninterrupted performances. All microphone systems come in either sleek black or glamorous gold.

With House Party Plus Pack, you're not just hosting a party. You're orchestrating an unforgettable music experience that will keep your guests coming back for more.


  • Seamless Connectivity: With the ImPro PMA-1200 Mixing Amplifier, you get the flexibility of digital optical input for Smart TV connection and extensive Bluetooth capabilities for music streaming from any smart device. Keep the party beats flowing with ease and variety.
  • Superior Sound Quality: The Better Music Builder CS-612 G5 Vocal Speakers deliver exceptional sound quality, clarity, and reliability, ensuring your party tunes resonate with everyone present. The BIC America H-100II Cinema Series Powered Subwoofer complements this with deep, clean bass.
  • Wireless Microphone Freedom: Choose between three high-quality wireless microphone systems: the ImPro UHF-77Wifi, the UHF-88MXR, or the UHF-88II. These systems provide you with the freedom to move around and engage with your guests while belting out your favorite tunes.
  • Onboard Echo and Sound Enhancement: The UHF-88MXR includes a built-in echo feature for that authentic karaoke vibe, while the UHF-88II offers a built-in vocal enhancer for on-the-fly treble and bass adjustments, letting you customize your sound as you perform.
  • Battery and Recharging Flexibility: The UHF-77Wifi and UHF-88MXR feature rechargeable mics, while the UHF-88II comes with a rechargeable receiver, ensuring your performance is never cut short due to power loss. The UHF-88II mics use AA batteries, allowing easy replacement for uninterrupted singing.

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