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  • Which SHURE Microphone is right for me?

    Posted on March 24 2021

    The SHURE catalog is leaps and bounds from the standard audio gear and can beintimidating to approach, but that's why we're here!For those seeking quality performance gear, SHURE has a...

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  • Home Stereo System VS. Karaoke System

    Posted on February 19 2021

    A common subject that pops up when working with customers; why do I need a separate karaoke system from my home theater system? The straight answer is that your home...

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  • Avoiding Feedback

    Posted on October 13 2020

    Preventing feedback from your karaoke system isn't too difficult. First, what is feedback? It's exactly what it sounds like; its when sound from your speakers is being picked up by...

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  • Wattage - P.M.P.O. vs RMS

    Posted on September 22 2020

    Hello Dear Customers! Here's a TL;DR!Check for RMS power handling rather than PMPO for the true quality of a sound system. It's important to know what kind of equipment you're...

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  • How to Create Light Beams with your DJ Lights?

    Posted on February 21 2018

    When my DJ lights are in motion, I have noticed that once the light shines, the beams do not continue until it hits an object. So how do I get...

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  • Wattage for Mixing Amps and Speakers

    Posted on March 29 2017

    Almost everyone knows that speakers require power. An amplifier is the product that powers speakers. The wattage of an amp must be compatible with the wattage of a speaker. If...

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  • 3-Way Speakers for Karaoke

    Posted on March 29 2017

    Eight out of ten customers think that all speakers are the same. This is not true. There are various types of speakers: car speakers, home theater speakers, live sound speakers,...

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  • Karaoke Smart TV

    Posted on October 21 2015

    The big question nowadays is 'How do we sing from our Smart TV?' The answer to this question depends on what type of system do you have. First, the sound...

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