Identifying the Buzzing, Humming, and Weird Sounds from Your Karaoke System

Your system is made up of many cable connections. One wrong connection can send buzzing sounds through your speakers. Even connections that are correct can still send buzzing signals. What can you do?

Many times, changing the cable will help. Cables can go bad from wear and tear or arrive new yet dead.

The most common buzzing and humming complaint comes from electrical grounding. If your house or performing area is not grounded, but your equipment is, there could be an unusual hum. You would need to contact your electrical company to help with the grounding issue.

Another common problem that causes a buzzing or humming sound is your cable TV. Cable TV or satellite. Please unplug your cable TV box and see if the buzzing helps.

We have seen certain mixers and equalizers that can affect the sound quality of your system. Adding many equipment can cause compatibility issues. You might not need an equalizer if your mixer already has an EQ built in. You might not need that extra mixer if you already have a mixing amplifier.

If you have a humming sound, disconnect your system. Then connect 1 item at a time.

1. Connect your basic system. (Connect only your player to mixer to amp to speakers)

2. Plug in a microphone.

3. Plug in the EQ.

Buzzing sound? Stop and remove EQ.

4. Try another item such as feedback reducer.

Buzzing? Stop and remove.

And so on.

Furthermore, we have encountered instances when an EQ will work perfect, but add in a feedback reducer will cause humming sound. You would think the feedback reducer is the problem. However, when we removed the EQ and left the feedback reducer, the hum went away. There was a compatibility problem between the EQ and the feedback reducer.

Please be aware that these are not defects of the equipment. It just does not work. It is like when someone plays a DVD movie in a CD player. It doesn't work that way.

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