Holiday Encore Bundle 1: Mixing Amplifier, Speakers, Microphones, and Accessories (4 items)

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ImPro UHF-77 Color: Gold
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This Holiday Encore Bundle is the perfect way to turn your home into a festive karaoke haven! With the PMA-6800 Mixing Amplifier leading the way, your tunes will be clear and vibrant. Your voice will sparkle like holiday lights through the UHF-77 microphones, which come with easy-to-use features so anyone can join in on the fun. Plus, the CS-500 speakers are made to make sure every note of your favorite holiday songs fills the room with cheer. And don't worry about set-up; the included speaker stands make it easy-peasy to get the party started!

Whether you're belting out carols or counting down to the New Year, this bundle has you covered. The PMA-6800's big sound matches its easy-peasy controls, so even the youngest singers can feel like stars. The UHF-77 microphones are perfect for duets by the fireplace, and those CS-500 speakers? They're just the right size to make sure your holiday hits are heard from the tinsel to the tree. Don't forget the speaker stands! They're the unsung heroes that keep your music standing tall. Get ready to make memories with every note this holiday season with our Holiday Encore Bundle!


  1. Versatile Entertainment All Year Round: Celebrate every holiday with our Holiday Encore Bundle, perfect for every festive occasion! From the roaring cheers on New Year's Eve to the sweet serenades of Valentine's, this bundle's powerful PMA-6800 Mixing Amplifier ensures your music is always vibrant. Whether hosting a spooky Halloween karaoke or a Fourth of July sing-along, the crisp, clear sound from the CS-500 speakers complements any tune or toast.

  2. Easy-to-Use for Everyone: No tech wizard needed here! Our bundle is designed for easy setup and use, making it the ideal addition to any family gathering or holiday party. The user-friendly UHF-77 microphones offer simple controls, allowing guests of all ages to jump in and join the fun. With hassle-free connectivity, you'll spend less time fiddling with settings and more time spreading cheer and laughter.

  3. Quality Sound for Memories Made: Each holiday brings a chance to create lasting memories, and with the Holiday Encore Bundle, every laugh and note will be heard in outstanding clarity. The CS-500 speakers provide exceptional sound, ensuring that your gatherings are filled with rich, robust melodies that bring your festivities to life. Whether you're storytelling or caroling, this bundle captures and amplifies every moment.

  4. Durable for Year-Round Fun: Holidays come and go, but our Holiday Encore Bundle is built to last through seasons of use. The robust construction of the CS-500 speakers and the reliable PMA-6800 Mixing Amplifier means that from New Year's Eve to a 4th of July bash, your karaoke system will be ready to perform. Durability meets design in a bundle that promises to keep the party going, holiday after holiday.

  5. Dynamic and Adaptable Performance: Tailor your entertainment to the holiday spirit with a bundle that adapts to the vibe of your celebration. With adjustable echo and sound effects from the PMA-6800 Mixing Amplifier, you can add a touch of magic to your Halloween tales or some echo to your New Year's countdown. The UHF-77 microphones ensure that every voice, from the soft-spoken to the bold, is captured perfectly, making your holiday performances unforgettable.

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Lynda N
Perfect party system

easy to useand the whole family has so much fun!

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