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ImPro Epic Party Bundle 3 Plus with Mixing Amplifier, Speakers, Subwoofer, Microphones, and Accessories (6 Items)

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ImPro UHF-88II Color: Gold
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Elevate your audio experience to legendary status with the ImPro Epic Party Bundle Plus. This comprehensive package is the ultimate collection for transforming any space into a dynamic, auditory paradise. Boasting the ImPro PMA-9800, a professional karaoke mixing amplifier that serves as the bundle's heartbeat, each beat and lyric pulses through the room with impeccable clarity and power. Accompanied by the imposing ImPro VS-1400 speakers, with their striking piano wood finish, the bundle delivers a symphony of high-fidelity sound that captures every nuance and explosion of bass, ensuring that every note resonates with concert-hall quality.

The fusion of the meticulously engineered ImPro UHF-88II wireless microphones into the ensemble allows for crystal-clear, cable-free performances that are nothing short of revolutionary. The mics ensure that your voice is not just heard, but felt, with built-in vocal enhancers that fine-tune your sound to studio-grade perfection. The inclusion of the BIC Acoustech subwoofer, a behemoth of bass, enriches the setup with deep, throbbing bass lines that add an extra dimension to the audio experience.

Supporting this array of top-tier audio equipment is the ImPro ST-680 speaker stand with its universal mounting bracket, a symbol of strength and versatility that perfectly complements the robustness of the bundle. Together, these elements form a powerhouse of sound that's unmatched in depth, clarity, and reliability. The ImPro Epic Party Bundle Plus isn't just about listening to music; it's about living in the moment, feeling every beat, and creating memories that echo with the thrill of phenomenal sound. Prepare to be the epicenter of entertainment with a sound bundle that's as grand in scale as it is in performance.


  1. Powerhouse Amplification and Sound Quality: At the core of the ImPro Epic Party Bundle Plus is the PMA-9800 Professional Karaoke Mixing Amplifier, a marvel that pushes out a formidable 1600W of power, ensuring that your audio is not just heard, but felt. Paired with the VS-1400 3-way speakers, this bundle promises a peak rating of 1400W, guaranteeing room-filling sound. The speakers' advanced design includes a 12" coated woofer with a high-temperature voice coil and a quartet of 3" cone mid/high drivers, culminating in a 1" top-mounted tweeter for crystal-clear vocal reproduction. This setup delivers a harmonious blend of deep lows, rich mids, and sparkling highs, tailored perfectly for both enthusiastic karaoke sessions and immersive listening experiences.

  2. Wireless Freedom and Vocal Clarity: Unshackled by wires, the ImPro UHF-88II wireless microphones liberate performers with their cutting-edge UHF automatic frequency technology, ensuring stable, interference-free sound up to 100 meters away. With a built-in vocal enhancer, these microphones allow instant adjustment of treble, bass, and echo, providing on-the-fly customization for any voice. Whether hosting a duet or a spirited debate, these microphones stand ready to deliver impeccable sound with intelligent noise reduction and hi-fi pickup, assuring that every word is broadcasted with utmost clarity.

  3. Sublime Bass Experience: The BIC Acoustech subwoofer, a beast in its own right, completes the bundle with its long-throw 12-inch woofer housed in a sleek black, lacquered wood cabinet. It's not just about the deep bass; it's about clean, distortion-free bass that can reach a peak power of 500 watts. The subwoofer is meticulously tuned to a frequency response range of 24Hz to 200Hz, ensuring that the lowest of lows are delivered with precision, making every scene in a movie and every beat in a song an epic auditory moment.

  4. Versatile and Durable Speaker Stands: The ImPro ST-680 speaker stands are not merely supports; they are pillars of stability and versatility. Engineered to carry up to 80lbs and adjustable up to seven feet, these stands are crafted to ensure that your speakers are always in the optimal position for sound distribution. The universal mounting bracket is the epitome of compatibility, allowing a secure fit for various speaker models, and its robust design ensures that your setup remains steady, whether it's on a cozy night in or during the pulse of a lively party.

  5. Intuitive Design and Connectivity: The ImPro Epic Party Bundle Plus is designed with the user in mind, featuring a range of connectivity options that make setup a breeze. The PMA-9800's intuitive front panel and versatile input channels, including Bluetooth connectivity, allow for easy device pairing and quick adjustments during any event. The rear panel connections of the VS-1400 speakers provide flexibility for various audio setups, ensuring that this bundle is not only a powerhouse of sound but also a pinnacle of user-friendly operation.

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