ImPro Epic Party Bundle 3 with Mixing Amplifier, Speakers, Microphones, and Accessories (5 Items)

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Unleash the ultimate audio experience with the ImPro Epic Party Bundle, a comprehensive collection of professional-grade karaoke and sound equipment designed to transform any space into a stage. This meticulously curated ensemble is your one-stop solution for creating moments that resonate with high-fidelity sound, whether you're amplifying the spirit of worship, enhancing the energy of a nightclub, or simply bringing the joy of music into your living space.

At the heart of this bundle lies the ImPro PMA-9800 Mixing Amplifier, a powerhouse that promises to deliver crystal-clear audio with a robust 1600W output. Pair this with the dynamic range and acoustic excellence of the ImPro VS-1400 3-way speakers, and you're looking at a sound that not only fills the room but also immerses your audience in pure, unadulterated aural bliss. The piano wood finish of these speakers not only ensures a warm, rich sound but also adds a touch of elegance to your setup.

Complementing this sound system are the ImPro UHF-88II Professional UHF Wireless Microphones, offering freedom from the constraints of cables and the flexibility to move with the music. These aren't just microphones; they're an extension of your voice, equipped with a built-in vocal enhancer to ensure your performance is always pitch-perfect.

To complete the ensemble, the ImPro ST-680 Speaker Stand with its universal mounting bracket offers the adaptability and support you need for your speakers. It's not just about having great audio equipment; it's also about positioning it perfectly to maximize the sound quality and coverage.

The ImPro Epic Party Bundle is not just a set of audio equipment; it's a gateway to memorable events, a provider of unparalleled sound, and a testimony to the engineering excellence that ImPro stands for. This bundle isn't just epic in name; it's epic in performance, ensuring that every note hits home and every word is heard with the clarity it deserves. Get ready to host an event that's not only heard but also felt in the hearts of your audience.


  1. Powerful and Pristine Sound Amplification: Central to the ImPro Epic Party Bundle is the PMA-9800 Mixing Amplifier, delivering a staggering 1600W of pure audio power. This beast of an amplifier is designed to minimize distortion even at peak volumes, ensuring that every lyric and tune is projected with crystal clarity. Whether it's the spoken word in a lecture hall or a power ballad in a karaoke bar, the amplifier's superior sound quality and intelligent echo control promise a professional audio experience that can be fine-tuned to any environment.

  2. Superior Acoustic Fidelity: Complementing the mixing amplifier are the VS-1400 3-way speakers, a testament to acoustic perfection. With a 12" woofer for deep, resonant bass, mid/high drivers for detailed mids and highs, and a 1" tweeter for crisp vocals, these speakers are engineered for the discerning vocalist. The piano wood finish not only exudes a classy aesthetic but also enhances the sound quality, ensuring that every note is rich and every beat is felt. Built-in PTC protection circuitry keeps the tweeters safe, ensuring that these speakers deliver high-fidelity sound even through the most demanding sessions.

  3. Unparalleled Vocal Enhancement: The UHF-88II Wireless Microphones redefine mobility and sound customization. With built-in vocal enhancers, performers can tailor treble, bass, and echo on the fly, crafting their signature sound without the need for additional mixers. These mics operate on UHF professional automatic frequency technology, offering stable, clear transmission over long distances, and intelligent noise reduction to ensure that every word cuts through the mix with outstanding purity.

  4. Robust Construction and Versatile Connectivity: Durability meets convenience in the PMA-9800's rugged metal body, designed to withstand the rigors of frequent use. A user-friendly interface with a clear display ensures easy control over your sound. The unit's versatility is further enhanced by multiple input channels and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing for seamless integration with a variety of devices and wireless streaming for an uncluttered, engaging user experience.

  5. Adaptive Speaker Placement and Stability: The ST-680 Speaker Stand anchors this bundle with its heavy-duty design and adjustable tripod, capable of holding up to 80lbs and reaching up to seven feet. The universal mounting bracket is a stroke of genius, accommodating virtually any speaker, with or without dedicated mounting points. This adaptability ensures that your speakers are not only secure but also positioned optimally for the best sound dispersion and audience coverage possible, making it an indispensable asset for any event.

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