ImPro HD-388 Professional Android Karaoke Player 6TB

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HD-388 operates on Android operating system, so it has owned all features with respect to Android operating system. It is not only a HDD karaoke player with HDMI, but also a product which has transcended the limitations of players. Actually, it is an intelligent computer system. By enabling the unit to access to Internet, users can download and install various APK applications from Android application store. And it also provides interfaces to camera, mouse, keyboard, and other peripherals to support Internet surfing, chat, email, webpage view, television, new visit, HD movies, photos, music, games, remote monitoring, timing & reminding, as well as interaction with PC and mobile phone. Additionally, user can also make full use of their imagination to explore the potential of the unit as it is really a professional device integrating KTV, HD smart TV box and Android computer.

Player Specification

  • Android 4.0 System
  • HDD Media Player
  • High Definition Player
  • HDMI
  • Full 1080P
  • AirKTV with iPhone/Android Song Selection
  • Internet Websurf
  • Auto Volume Control
  • Scoring Function
  • 2 Mic Inputs
  • Mic Echo

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