ImPro PMA-6800 800W Mixing Amplifier Bundle with ImPro UHF-88II Wireless Microphones

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The PMA-6800 Mixing Amplifier paired with the ImPro UHF-88II Microphones creates a seamless and high-quality audio bundle that's perfect for karaoke enthusiasts and performers alike. This combination brings the best of both worlds: the PMA-6800's powerful 800W output ensures that every note and word is heard clearly in any venue, while its diverse connectivity options allow for easy integration with various audio sources. The ImPro UHF-88II Microphones elevate this setup further by introducing a built-in vocal enhancer, allowing singers to adjust treble, bass, and echo directly on the microphone, crafting their perfect sound without the need for additional equipment.

The UHF-88II Microphones are designed for ease and clarity, featuring automatic frequency alignment for a stable, plug-and-play experience, and intelligent noise reduction to ensure your voice stands out crisply against any background noise. The large rechargeable battery supports extended performances, and the LCD digital display provides clear information on settings and battery life, making operation straightforward. Whether you're hosting a karaoke party, leading a presentation, or performing on stage, this bundle offers unmatched sound quality and convenience, allowing both performers to shine without the limitations of cables or complicated setups.


  1. Unmatched Sound Clarity with Vocal Enhancement: The ImPro UHF-88II Microphones introduce a groundbreaking vocal enhancer, allowing users to adjust treble, bass, and echo directly from the microphone. This feature, combined with the PMA-6800's superior 800W output, ensures every performance is delivered with impeccable clarity and richness. The amplifier's extensive equalizer settings further refine sound quality, allowing for a tailored audio experience that meets the exact needs of any venue or event.

  2. Seamless, Wireless Performance: The UHF-88II Microphones are equipped with UHF professional automatic frequency technology, ensuring stable transmission up to 100 meters and facilitating a seamless, cable-free experience. This technology pairs perfectly with the PMA-6800's wireless connectivity options, providing a setup that's both powerful and hassle-free, ideal for dynamic performances without the constraints of cables.

  3. Intelligent Noise Reduction and Hi-Fi Pickup: Featuring intelligent noise reduction, the UHF-88II Microphones effectively suppress external noise, ensuring that the focus remains on the clarity and purity of the vocal performance. The hi-fi pickup capability of the microphones, with its exceptional sensitivity, captures even the subtlest sound waves, delivering a natural and detailed audio output that is further enhanced by the PMA-6800's sound engineering.

  4. User-Friendly Interface with Digital Display: The bundle is designed for ease of use, with the UHF-88II Microphones boasting a large LCD digital display that shows key information and working status at a glance. This complements the PMA-6800's intuitive control panel, which allows for quick adjustments and customization of sound settings, making the system accessible and straightforward for users of all technical abilities.

  5. Extended Battery Life and Durability: The UHF-88II Microphones come with a large, rechargeable 1800 ma lithium battery, ensuring long-lasting performance suitable for extended events. This feature is complemented by the PMA-6800's robust build, designed to withstand the rigors of frequent use, making the entire bundle a reliable choice for professional performances, karaoke nights, and any scenario where high-quality sound and convenience are paramount.

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