ImPro UHF-88II Professional UHF Wireless Microphones with Case

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The Impro UHF-88II is the newest wireless microphone on the market, and it's here to make your karaoke experience as effortless as possible.

What makes this microphone stand out? It has a built-in vocal enhancer! What that means is that you can adjust your microphone's effects right away. You don't have to fiddle around with a studio mixer or any other equipment-you can just adjust the treble and bass right from your mic itself. Add more echo if you want, and create your ideal sound and clarity.

But wait-there's more! Not only is this microphone completely wireless, but it comes with two microphones and a receiver so that both singers can sing at once. Just plug in the receiver and go!


Automatic Frequency Alignment in U Band.
UHF professional automatic frequency technology, stable transmission, fast and constant frequency, plug and play. Specific frequency range: 500MHz - 599MHz, up to 100 meters long distance signal transmission

Intelligent Noise Reduction Function
When recording sound, it can effectively suppress external noise and noise, so as to make the recorded sound effect more pure and outstanding.

Multiple Sets, Non-Serial Frequency
Support multiple microphone connection under the same environment, no serial frequency, no crosstalk, wide applicability, strong interference prevention.

Large Rechargeable Battery
Adopt 1800 ma long endurance lithium battery, high temperature resistant, low loss.

Configure LCD Digital Display
Multiple key information is displayed and the working status is clear at a glance, which makes the operation easy and convenient, thus improving the performance.

Hi-fi Pickup
The moving coil wheat core has outstanding sensitivity, which can sense extremely weak sound waves, effectively isolate interference and restore delicate and accurate original sound.

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