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The Studio Standard

Whether it’s broadcast, podcast or recording, voices need to be handled with care. When purified and polished, every detail has more impact. That’s why the SM7B was built, to capture smooth, warm vocals that connect the speaker to the listener.

The SM7B is designed to keep unwanted sound out while delivering a rich, warm vocal experience. Featuring a built-in pop filter AND air suspension shock isolation system, it minimizes unwanted mechanical sound and "breathiness" for pure vocal clarity. It's excellent for live streaming on platforms like Twitch and YouTube thanks to its electromagnetic shielding which keeps computer hum sound out of your session.

Popular with YouTube & Twitch streamers!

Legendary sound. Unmatched performance.

Shure SM Microphones deliver an unparalleled mix of audio quality and rugged dependability that had made them the industry standard in professional sound for over 40 years. Built to withstand the rigors of regular stage and studio use, SM microphones are the corner stone of a complete family of Shure wired microphones tailored to meet any audio need. 


  • 1 - A7WS Detachable Windscreen
  • 1 - RPM602 Switch Cover Plate

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