VocoPro VHF-3300 Dual Wireless Rechargeable Mic System

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VHF-3300 gồm 2 micro không dây và dùng pin sạc. Ưu điểm của VHF-3300 là dễ dàng sử dụng và giúp người dùng tiết kiệm tiền và bảo vệ môi trường vì pin có thể sạc nhiều lần.

Need the freedom from cables that a wireless system provides but tired of constantly replacing batteries? Then the VHF-3300 is your answer, delivering fully rechargeable dual wireless microphones. The best part is how simple it is to recharge the batteries, and the bonus is the money and waste you'll save by going rechargeable. Just setting each mic in the terminal on top of the receiver while not in use is all you'll need to do to prepare the VHF-3300 for your next performance. It's that easy--no additional connections to worry about. VocoPro was the first to offer a rechargeable system that charges from it's own receiver stand, and we've done it again with the amazingly affordable VHF-3300.


- Dual Antenna Receiver/Mic Recharger secures mics when not in use
- Squelch Circuitry to eliminate background noise and RF noise bursts
- VHF-Band Quartz-Lock provides drift-free operation
- Auto-mute Circuitry with noiseless On/Off Switching
- Individual Volume controls for each mic channel allows precise vocal mixing
- Dual 1/4-inch unbalanced outputs or single mixed signal output
- Incredible operation range of up to 150 feet
- Front panel LED indicators to monitor signal strength
- Fits 19 inch single rack space with included mounting bracket
- Versatile, thanks to its multiple outputs. The VHF3300 is perfect for home karaoke systems or traveling DJs.

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