Which Shure Microphones should I purchase?

Written by Rosy Nguyen

The SHURE catalog far exceeds ordinary audio equipment and can be overwhelming when first approached. But rest assured, that's exactly why Phong Le is here to help you!

For those looking for quality performance equipment, SHURE offers options suitable for almost every environment, from personal living rooms to large stadiums.

💙 1. SHURE PG58: This is a new microphone model from SHURE and also a good choice for first-time microphone users. The PG58 is easy to use, just plug and play immediately. It records sound from the front and minimizes noise from behind. The PG58 is suitable for both family use and performance on large stages. You can find the PG58 model as part of the BLX288/PG58 Combo System.

💙 2. The legendary SHURE SM58. This microphone model has become an icon in the audio industry and is known for its distinctive mesh head. SM stands for "Studio Microphone" but don't let that limit its use. It has been used by Rock stars, Presidents, comedians, and many other large stages. It is designed to perfectly reproduce every nuance of sound with clarity and warmth. The SM58 is suitable for studio recording and live performance. You can find this legendary microphone as part of the BLX288/SM58, GLXD24+/SM58, and SLXD24D/SM58 systems.

💙 3. SHURE Beta 58 is another great classic microphone when voice is the only thing that matters. Easily recognizable by its distinctive blue-rimmed mesh, it has a Supercardioid pickup pattern that prioritizes the person speaking/singing directly into the microphone to enhance voice clarity over all other sound elements. The Beta 58 is perfect for studio and live stage environments. You can find the Beta 58 in the BLX288/B58, SLXD24D/B58, and GLXD24+/B58 systems.

💙 4. Finally, the SHURE Beta 87A is a refined version of the Beta 58 but perfectly reproduces vocal sound. This microphone is designed to make your voice stand out without overpowering the rest of the sound. The Beta 87A is perfect for band setups or live stage performances and produces a resonance unlike any other. The SHURE Beta 87A is featured in the GLXD24+/B87A, SLXD24/B87A (Now available at Phong Le!) and QLXD24/B87A systems.

Above are some of the top microphone models from SHURE that you might consider. Determine your needs and goals to choose the most suitable microphone for you!
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