ImPro Encore Elite Bundle with Mixing Amplifier, Speakers, Microphones, and Accessories (4 items)

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When the applause demands an encore, the ImPro Encore Elite Bundle ensures you're always ready to elevate the experience. This meticulously curated package, specially crafted for those with an ear for quality, combines unmatched power with precision-tuned vocal clarity, creating the ideal stage for every performance.

At the heart of this bundle is the MA-8 Pro Karaoke Mixing Amplifier, a powerhouse of sound and adaptability. Boasting a formidable 1800 Watts and integrated wireless microphones, this mixing amplifier stands ready to harmonize with every note, allowing the music and vocals to intertwine flawlessly.

But an elite encore is more than just a mixer. The ImPro VS-1400 Vocal Speakers are the embodiment of acoustic brilliance. The warmth of their piano wood finish visually complements the rich tonal output delivered by a 12" coated woofer, four 3" mid/high drivers, and a defining 1" top-mounted tweeter. And with their PTC protection circuitry, they'll withstand the fervor of the most passionate performances, ensuring crisp vocal reproduction even during the most intense encores. These speakers are a testament to power and delicacy coexisting in harmony.

Together, they create a synergy, each component enhancing the other, ensuring every encore you deliver resonates with an elite signature of excellence. The ImPro Encore Elite Bundle isn't just equipment - it's a promise of performances that linger, long after the last note fades.


  1. Powerhouse Amplification: At the core of the bundle lies the MA-8 Pro Karaoke Mixing Amplifier, delivering an impressive 1800 Watts at 8 Ohms. Its design promises to capture every nuance of sound, from the deep bass notes to the highest pitches, ensuring an audio experience that's both rich and immersive. Integrated wireless microphones expand the versatility, allowing performers to move freely within a 200-foot range.

  2. Elegantly Crafted Vocal Speakers: The ImPro VS-1400 Vocal Speakers stand as a testament to sophisticated design and audio engineering. Encased in a stunning piano wood finish, these speakers are equipped with a 12" coated woofer, four 3" cone mid/high drivers, and a distinct 1" top-mounted tweeter. The outcome? An enhanced fidelity that brings every lyric and note to life.

  3. Advanced Protection & Durability: Safety meets performance with the VS-1400 speakers' PTC protection circuitry. This innovative feature acts as a safeguard against blown tweeters during extended sessions or when playing at extreme volumes. The promise is an uninterrupted audio experience and longevity, ensuring your equipment remains in pristine condition even under the most demanding conditions.

  4. Comprehensive Connectivity Options: This bundle is as versatile as it is powerful. The mixing amplifier boasts a plethora of inputs, from HDMI and RCA to Optical and Bluetooth, catering to a diverse range of audio sources. Whether streaming the latest hits, playing classics from a DVD, or syncing with a high-definition visual setup, the Encore Elite ensures seamless integration.

  5. Elite Acoustic Experience: Every component in the Encore Elite Bundle is fine-tuned for vocal brilliance. The amplifier's intuitive touch screen offers a suite of sound adjustments, from EQ presets to detailed audio effect configurations. Meanwhile, the speakers’ expansive frequency response, ranging from 20Hz to 25Khz, ensures that every performance is backed by depth, clarity, and an elite auditory signature.

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