ImPro Encore Elite Plus Bundle with Mixing Amplifier, Speakers, Microphones, Subwoofer and Accessories

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Welcome to the "ImPro Encore Elite Plus Bundle", where individual brilliance converges to create a symphony of unparalleled auditory experiences. This bundle is not merely a collection of components, but a harmonious ensemble that seamlessly blends into a single entity, delivering a musical masterpiece with each performance.

The heartbeats of the Encore Elite resonate with the power of the ImPro MA-8 Pro's 1800Watt capacity, while its built-in touchscreen ensures every detail, from song selection to granular audio adjustments, is just a touch away. This prowess finds its voice through the rich, warm tones of the VS-1400 Vocal Speakers. With their piano wood finish and powerful woofer assembly, these speakers ensure that every note, every chord is rendered with immaculate clarity, reaching out to touch the very soul of the listener.

However, it's not just about clarity; it's also about depth. And that depth is magnificently rendered by the BIC America H-100II Cinema Series Powered Subwoofer. Every rumble, every low note is not just heard but felt, ensuring that the sonic landscape painted by the Encore Elite is both vast and immersive.

Providing support to this magnum opus is the ImPro ST-680 Speaker Stand. Its towering presence and universal compatibility ensure that the symphony is always elevated, delivering sound that fills the room from floor to ceiling, wall to wall.

Every component, every feature of the Encore Elite works in harmonious unison. From the power of the amplifier, the clarity of the speakers, the depth of the subwoofer, to the support of the stand, every part complements the other, resulting in a seamless, unmatched karaoke experience. With the ImPro Encore Elite Plus Bundle, you're not just getting equipment; you're inviting a cohesive, state-of-the-art musical entity into your space. Prepare for an encore like no other.


  1. Unrivaled Power & Precision: With a collective force that includes the ImPro MA-8 Pro's robust 1800Watt capacity and the VS-1400 Vocal Speaker's peak rating of 1400W, the Encore Elite Plus Bundle ensures every performance is powered with unmatched intensity. This power is finely tuned and balanced, ensuring both booming bass notes and crystal-clear high tones are delivered with pristine quality.

  2. Seamless Integration & Wide Compatibility: Embrace the freedom of wireless performance with two built-in microphones, each boasting a range of 200 feet. The bundle ensures a plethora of input options - HDMI, RCA, Bluetooth, and Optical. Whether you're connecting old-school DVDs, streaming contemporary hits, or syncing with a modern entertainment system, the Encore Elite caters to every need with ease.

  3. Advanced Acoustic Engineering: The VS-1400 Vocal Speakers with their 12" coated woofer, mid/high drivers, and top-mounted tweeter ensure unparalleled sound fidelity. This sound richness is further amplified by the BIC America H-100II Subwoofer, which adds depth and dimension, making every song a deep dive into sonic excellence.

  4. Customized Audio Experience: Dive deep into your sound with intuitive controls. From the MA-8 Pro's user-friendly touchscreen, offering granular audio adjustments like Echo, Reverb, and Pitch, to the eight preset EQ options, tailor every song to your liking. Whether it's subtle vocal enhancements or dramatic sound effects, the Encore Elite is your canvas.

  5. Sturdy & Adaptable Design: Every component, from the ImPro ST-680 Speaker Stand's robust design capable of holding up to 80lbs to the universally compatible mounting bracket, promises reliability and adaptability. The Encore Elite stands tall, ensuring an elevated auditory experience, all while promising easy integration into diverse setups.

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Danh Nguyen

Take care my return and sipping back take so long.

You ordered the Encore Elite with a MA-8 Pro, but you said you wanted the PMA-9800 instead. We had to wait for your return of the MA-8 Pro. We are still missing the remote from the MA-8 Pro.

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