ImPro MA-8 Pro 1800Watt Karaoke Mixing Amplifier with Built-In Touchscreen

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Step into a world of crisp sound and versatile functionality with ImPro's MA-8 Pro. Designed for both karaoke aficionados and professional setups, this amplifier boasts a powerful 1800 Watts at 8 Ohms, ensuring every song resonates with clarity and precision.

Unleash your performance with two built-in wireless microphones, granting you the freedom to own the stage within a 200-foot range. Musicians and vocalists alike will appreciate the hybrid inputs on the front, compatible with both XLR M and 1/4" plugs. And for those eyeing a more expansive setup, the rear of the unit hosts a duo of banana jack terminals and Speakon plugs, catering to diverse connectivity needs.

Navigate and tailor your audio experience with the intuitive 4.3" Touch Screen. From selecting one of the eight EQ presets to diving into granular audio adjustments like Echo, Reverb, and Pitch, the MA-8 Pro offers a suite of controls right at your fingertips. And if you're looking to sit back and manage from a distance, the accompanying remote mirrors every function seamlessly.

Offering a plethora of input options, from HDMI and RCA to Bluetooth and Optical, this amplifier accommodates every modern device. Whether you're belting classics from a DVD, streaming the latest hits via Bluetooth, or syncing with your TV through HDMI-ARC, the MA-8 Pro is your central hub for an unmatched karaoke experience.

Crafted with precision and a keen understanding of what vocal enthusiasts seek, the MA-8 Pro is not just an amplifier - it's an ode to impeccable sound and endless musical possibilities.


  1. Robust Power Delivery: The MA-8 Pro stands out with a commanding 1800 Watts at 8 Ohms, ensuring every performance is backed by clear, powerful sound. Whether hosting a lively karaoke party or engaging in a professional singing session, its strength ensures no note is missed.

  2. Wireless Integration & Versatile Inputs: Experience unrestricted movement with two built-in wireless microphones that boast a 200-foot range. Complementing this freedom are the hybrid front inputs for microphones and guitars, accepting both XLR M and 1/4" plugs. On the rear, dual banana jack terminals and Speakon plugs further expand your connectivity options, making this unit a true companion for diverse setups.

  3. Intuitive Touch Screen Control: The amplifier's front hosts a user-friendly 4.3" Touch Screen. From here, users can navigate between eight preset EQ options, or delve deeper by manually adjusting settings and storing up to seven personal presets. The screen also offers controls for music, microphone, and EFX volumes, enabling real-time adjustments to tailor the audio experience.

  4. Advanced Sound Customization: Beyond basic volume controls, the MA-8 Pro offers granular audio adjustments. Dive into the Effect menu to refine Echo and Reverb settings, with options to tweak volumes, PreDelay, Delay, Echo Repeat, and Pitch. Whether looking for a subtle vocal enhancement or a dramatic sound effect, the amplifier grants full control.

  5. Comprehensive Connectivity Suite: Accommodating the modern entertainment landscape, the unit features four HDMI inputs (including ARC), RCA connections for VOD and DVD, and additional input channels like Optical, Bluetooth, and MP3. Whether playing old-school DVDs, streaming music, or connecting to a TV, the MA-8 Pro is ready to be the heart of any entertainment system.

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The best of ImPro MA-8 Pro 1800Watt Karaoke Mixing Amplifier with Built-In Touchscreen

VERIFIED REVIEW (import from
I Like very much, easy to set up & simple .Great music sound & voice
Aloha From Hawaii

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