ImPro PMA-6800 800W Mixing Amplifier Bundle with ImPro UHF-77 Wireless Microphones

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The PMA-6800 Mixing Amplifier and ImPro UHF-77 Wireless Microphones bundle is a perfect fusion of power and convenience for any audio setup. The PMA-6800 offers a robust 800W output, ensuring crystal-clear sound in various settings. Its versatile inputs, including HDMI, Optical, and Bluetooth, allow for seamless device integration. The ImPro UHF-77 microphones complement this with their wireless capability, offering freedom of movement and a tidy setup without the hassle of cables. Their 6-hour battery life and 80 feet range ensure consistent performance, while the gain booster guarantees your voice stands out in any environment. This bundle is ideal for anyone looking for a powerful, user-friendly, and wire-free audio experience, whether for karaoke, stage performances, or presentations.


  1. Integrated Power and Mobility: The PMA-6800 Mixing Amplifier, with its impressive 800W output, ensures that sound is delivered with clarity and strength, ideal for a variety of venues. Paired with the ImPro UHF-77 Wireless Microphones, users enjoy the liberty to move freely without the constraints of cables, enhancing performance dynamism. This feature is perfect for entertainers who engage with their audience or speakers who wish to move around during presentations.

  2. Seamless Connectivity and Ease of Use: The bundle offers a multitude of connection options including HDMI, Optical, and Bluetooth, facilitating easy integration with different devices. The wireless microphones complement this by eliminating the need for physical connections, thanks to their 1/4" receiver connection, making setup quick and user-friendly for individuals at all technical skill levels.

  3. Extended Performance Durability: With the UHF-77 microphones' 6-hour battery life and the PMA-6800's reliable power output, this bundle is equipped for lengthy events without the worry of power loss. This enduring performance capability ensures that whether it's a long night of karaoke, an extended speech, or a full-day conference, the audio delivery remains uninterrupted.

  4. Crystal Clear Audio Quality: The gain booster in the UHF-77 microphones ensures that the vocal output cuts through any background noise, delivering clear and audible speech or singing. Combined with the PMA-6800's detailed sound customization through equalizer settings for bass, mid, and treble, this bundle guarantees that the audio quality is top-notch, tailored to suit the acoustics of any environment.

  5. Versatile Use Cases: This bundle is not only perfect for karaoke and live performances but also for presentations and speeches, thanks to its wireless microphones' 80 feet range. The versatility of the PMA-6800 amplifier, with its multiple input and microphone options, makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications from entertainment venues to corporate events, ensuring high-quality sound in any setting.

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