ImPro PMA-6800 800W Mixing Amplifier Bundle with ImPro UHF-88MXR Wireless Microphones

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Combining the powerful PMA-6800 Mixing Amplifier with the innovative ImPro UHF-88MXR Microphones creates a versatile and user-friendly audio bundle that elevates any performance or karaoke experience. The PMA-6800 amplifier, with its robust 800W output and diverse connectivity options like HDMI, Optical, and Bluetooth, ensures crystal-clear sound quality across various settings. The addition of the UHF-88MXR microphones introduces a new level of freedom and convenience, offering wireless operation with an 80-foot range and 6 hours of battery life. These microphones not only eliminate the hassle of cables but also come with a Bluetooth receiver, allowing users to easily stream music from their phones or tablets and sing along, enhancing the overall entertainment experience.

The UHF-88MXR microphones stand out with their built-in echo effect, giving users the karaoke sound they love without the need for an expensive machine. This feature, combined with the microphones' gain boost, ensures your voice is heard clearly and with great quality, even in noisy environments. The entire bundle is designed for ease of use, with rechargeable batteries and a charger included, ensuring that the party can go on without interruption. Whether for professional performances, fun karaoke nights, or engaging presentations, this bundle offers a comprehensive solution that blends high-quality sound amplification with the freedom and flexibility of wireless microphones.


  1. Advanced Wireless Connectivity and Sound Enhancement: This bundle brings together the PMA-6800 Mixing Amplifier's high-definition sound output with the wireless freedom of the ImPro UHF-88MXR Microphones. The microphones offer a seamless Bluetooth connection, allowing users to stream music directly from their devices and sing along, ensuring a clutter-free setup with no cables required. The 80-foot range and 6-hour battery life of the microphones ensure uninterrupted performance, while the amplifier's Bluetooth, HDMI, and Optical inputs offer versatile connectivity options for all entertainment needs.

  2. Superior Audio Quality with Customizable Effects: The PMA-6800 Amplifier, with its powerful 800W output, ensures crystal-clear audio delivery across venues of various sizes. Combined with the UHF-88MXR Microphones, which feature a built-in echo effect for that authentic karaoke sound, and gain boost to ensure your voice stands out, this bundle offers an unparalleled audio experience. The ability to customize your sound with the amplifier's detailed equalizer settings enhances music and vocal performances alike.

  3. User-Friendly Operation for All Skill Levels: Designed with simplicity in mind, this bundle is accessible to users of all technical abilities. The PMA-6800's intuitive front panel allows for easy adjustments on the fly, while the UHF-88MXR Microphones come equipped with rechargeable batteries and an easy-to-use charging system. The microphones' selectable frequencies ensure a clear connection, and their Bluetooth compatibility makes playing music from mobile devices effortless.

  4. Versatile Performance and Presentation Solution: Whether it's for karaoke nights, professional stage performances, or business presentations, this bundle adapts to a variety of contexts. The wireless microphones allow speakers and performers to engage with their audience without being tethered to one spot, enhancing the dynamism of any event. The amplifier's robust build and reliable performance make it suitable for venues ranging from intimate gatherings to larger halls.

  5. Long-lasting Reliability and Convenience: The inclusion of rechargeable batteries with the UHF-88MXR Microphones, along with their durable design, ensures that performers can rely on their equipment for years to come. The PMA-6800 Amplifier's sturdy construction and versatile input/output options further attest to the bundle's commitment to quality and user satisfaction. This combination of features makes the PMA-6800 and UHF-88MXR bundle a comprehensive solution for high-quality audio experiences, offering convenience without compromising on performance.

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